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Raising Warriors

Raising Warriors is a fundraiser by the OCP Athletics Booster Club dedicated to raising funds to raise grandstands for our OCP Warriors. The funds raised through this effort will provide bleachers to seat 275 students and spectators at the Warrior’s Home Field. This project will enhance the Warrior Field experience for both the Student Athletes and their Spectators. We hope you are ready to help make it a reality!  You may donate any dollar amount. No amount is too small. ALL donations can be mailed to the OCP Athletics Booster Club or given to a Booster Club Board Member. As OCP continues to develop a safe and wholesome environment, the bleachers play a key role in helping to draw age diverse crowds to our games and special events. This aids in the future success of OCP. This fundraiser is a collaboration of community citizens and the OCP Athletics Booster Club. All funds will be raised through donations and are tax deductible under IRS section 170. In order to help fundraise for our bleachers and become a permanent part of OCP, please fill out the following and return information and donation to the OCP Athletics Booster Club. Please contact us at (407) 739-5518 or with any questions regarding this fundraiser. Thank you for your support of the OCP Athletics Booster Club and OCP. 

To make a donation please download this form.

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