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A Foundation of Faith, A Lifetime of Learning.

Orlando Christian Prep’s elementary department consists of 1st-5th grade. At Orlando Christian Prep, we believe that every student can learn in an environment with high expectations and standards.  We create a classroom culture that fosters a loving, Christ-centered environment that our students can flourish academically and spiritually.  Inspiring a desire for learning starts in elementary school - balancing traditional instruction, experiential learning and critical thinking. OCP’S elementary curriculum is designed to provide each student with a strong foundation for intellectual, social and spiritual growth within the appropriate developmental framework.

Orlando Christian Prep’s elementary department uses the Abeka phonics curriculum for a strong foundation in reading.  Bob Jones curriculum is used in Language, Math, Science, and History.  Our reading program is a combination of Abeka reading and Daily Five. This reading program meets the student’s needs individually and helps them soar to success.  Positive Action Bible curriculum is used to give students a biblical foundation and teaches students how to apply biblical knowledge in life situations. On Friday, the high point of the week is chapel.  In chapel, students are able to worship with their class and hear from a guest speaker. Students participate in physical education class every day, and have weekly classes in art, Spanish, computer, music, and library.

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