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Preschool Music-

Here at OCP music instruction begins as early as 2 years old.  We strive to teach a love for music at an early age as music is directly linked to language skills.  Students in preschool learn about basic music theory, how to play percussion instruments and stay on beat, as well as how to sing as a group.  Most importantly our preschoolers learn to love to worship our Lord Jesus Christ through song and movement.  We teach this in every music class as well as in chapel each Friday.  Preschoolers perform a Christmas musical as well as a Grandparent’s Day program.  We also offer private piano and vocal lessons for Kindergarten.  


Elementary Music-

Hear at OCP we teach 1st through 5th grade music theory, matching pitch, and understanding rhythm.  Students learn these skills by playing drums, boomwhackers, bells as well as other percussion instruments.  They also learn these skills through movement and games.  The Florida School of Music Association reminds us that students who participate in a strong music program can score up to 54 points higher on their SAT tests.  Utilizing music and movement for worship is a top priority here at OCP.  We encourage our students to be worship leaders by allowing the opportunity for each class to lead worship in chapel on each Friday.  All elementary students perform a Christmas musical, Grandparent’s Day program,  and something special they have learned in class for our annual Night of Fine Arts.  All elementary students have the opportunity to participate in our annual Talent Show and  FACCS competition that includes art, music, and drama.  We offer private vocal and piano lessons for those students who are interested. Third through fifth grade students have the option to participate in the Choir Club that meets before school once a week.  The Choir Club performs for special events such as the spring play, a Magic basketball game, Disney performing arts stage, FACCS competition, and other community events.