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Welcome to the Orlando Christian Prep Fine Arts Department.

Our department is always finding new ways to help the students discover the amazing world of the arts. We offer a program that is designed to provide the students with the necessary tools to be successful in Music, Drama and Art .

In music class, the students learn theory, history, and performance. They also have the opportunity to showcase their talents in multiple events throughout the year in activities such as the Fall Festival and the Christmas Program.

In Drama class, the students learn  the terminology of acting. They also learn the beginning  stages of theater to the approaches and techniques  of the present. The class is developed in a way that the students have the opportunity to be prepared for a big production at the end of the school year. Makeup, Sound, Scenic design and Acting are only a few examples of the variety of roles that the students can experience in the program.

The students that are interested in Art and have the talent have the opportunity to create and exhibit  their works in different expositions around the school and in events around the Orlando area. Also every year the school participates in the Florida Association of Christian Colleges and Schools (FACCS) competition in Jacksonville, Florida where the students compete in different categories having the opportunity to show their talent and show their best pieces.

The goal of the program is to enrich the lives of the students expose them to the world of the arts, developing individuals with more sensibility and self confidence. By teaching Fine Arts we can help the  students to find their identity in Christ using their talents.

OCP Fine Arts Director

Mr. Malave